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Vent-Scent Fan-Go
Scent Spray Machine

Vent-Scent Fan-Go


Scent Sprayer Machine

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Scent Sprayer Machine
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 This machine is meant to be used with anyone of our spooky sprays. Simply spray the pad with a Spooky Spray and twist it back into the bottom of the fan and viola! You may either use the same pad once it dries up or buy an extra one.



  • Includes one free Spooky Spray

  • Two Speed Fan

  • 500-1000sqf Room

  • Dimensions: 7"H X 5" Diameter

  • Voltage: 110 V "Plug into wall"

  • Current: 0.22 A

  • Wattage: 24

  • Reusable Pads

  • UL/CE Certified:  No

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